America, We Have a Problem

Updated: Jan 4

The American flag is supposed to be flown upside down only as a genuine distress signal—when there is risk to life or property, and I don’t take that lightly. I display it now because we genuinely face that risk. There’s a reason store owners across the country boarded up their windows in advance of the November election last year, and it wasn’t in case Trump lost. There is deep distrust, fear, and anger all around, and not enough people believe we had a free and fair election. No matter what happens next, it's going to create turmoil that makes 2020 look like a Tupperware Party.

The American Flag is flown upside down in situations of severe distress--threat to life or property

America is more deeply divided than at any point since the American Civil War—you know, the bloodiest war in American history. The 2020 election didn’t cause this division, it just focused it, and there’s far more at stake than whether Trump or Biden is president for the next four years.

When I wrote yesterday urging members of Congress to not certify electoral votes from states which subverted their own election laws, it sparked a firestorm which simply proves everything I'm about to say.

I explicitly said it should be based on the rule of law--not about fraud which largely is unprovable after-the-fact in many battleground states. It certainly should not be about political loyalty. We should be loyal to the Constitution of the United States and of our states, and to the Rule of Law. We cannot sacrifice that for any personal loyalty for any political figure--not Trump, not me, not anyone. Nevertheless, the hornets nest was kicked.

January 6th

We have lost fundamental trust in our nation and in one another. It’s been on the decline for a while, as we’ll explore, but it’s reached a point where we’ve become so polarized along partisan lines that we no longer trust much of what’s said by the “other side”, not because of its merit or logic or facts or evidence, but simply because the “other side” said it. Seldom anymore are we even making it to the stage of discussing logic or facts. A significant portion of the country believes that a significant other portion is truly evil. That’s poisonous to a society, and left unchecked, it’s only ever ended one way.

Trump supporters went to sleep the night of November 3rd elated because he was clearly on track for re-election. They awoke to reports that several states had halted counting in the middle of the night, that several vote counts had inexplicably leapt forward for Biden, and suddenly it was too close to call. The counting dragged on nationwide for days—unheard of in the modern era on a nationwide basis, where states almost always have their counts, with a high degree of accuracy, the night of the election.

Then a few days later, the media called it for Biden once they had counted enough votes for him. Trump's supporters felt that the election had been stolen, and whether or not it had to do with fraud, they were right.

Now, all their hopes hinge on the certification of the electoral college votes in a joint session of Congress on January 6th. If electors from states who violated their own constitutions aren’t counted, the election may go to Trump (I haven't actually done the math). Personally, I don’t think there are enough Republicans in Congress with the spine to uphold the rule of law under the Constitution.

Supporters of the President maintain that Trump has fought for us for the past four years, and that we must now fight for him. However, that’s the wrong focus. Trump has fought for America for the past four years, demonstrably so, and we must fight for the rule of law in America—regardless of who is President. If Trump is indeed President for the next four years, it’s only for the next four years, and then he’s done. This fight is truly about much more than Trump, who is only the mascot, and our issues will persist far longer and more destructively if we don’t do something.

That’s why it doesn’t matter who emerges as President on January 6th, or who is inaugurated on January 20th—whatever the outcome, half the country will believe a coup has taken place and that the other half are guilty of treason.

There is no way this doesn’t get ugly.

Democracy Dies in Hyperbole

There was a time in the recent past where Americans generally had faith in the outcome of our elections, particularly presidential elections. People weren’t necessarily happy with the results, but they didn’t immediately leap to the assumption that there was a huge conspiracy that changed the rightful election outcome.

When Obama defeated Romney in 2012, conservatives didn’t like it, but accepted the outcome as legitimate. Even in 2000, when Bush won over Gore in an incredibly tight race that came down to a handful of Florida counties, and ultimately went to the Supreme Court to decide on valid votes-counting measures, we got eight years of “Selected Not Elected,” but no one really felt the election itself had been rigged.

That long history of faith in the overall integrity of our elections came to a screeching halt in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President, and those who couldn’t deal with it went completely off the rails, as epitomized by that lady who screamed at the sky. The reason they couldn't take it was because of the hysteria pumped into our society for the prior year, and the division sown for the prior 16 years.

The Washington Post threw up its new idiotic and hyperbolic tag line “Democracy Dies in Darkness” (just 'cuz their gal lost), and political opponents of the President spent the next four years claiming the election was stolen due to Russian interference, and that Trump is a Russian asset, for which there was never any evidence, and was shown to have been a deliberate lie to begin with. The extent to which Russia influenced the election was by likely hacking a DNC server and airing the Democrats’ dirty laundry during their convention, and by stirring up some chaos in social media which didn’t move the needle in any measurable way (unlike our own media's lies and censorship in 2020, which had a dramatic impact, purportedly boosting Biden's vote total by an incredible 17 percent.

The big problem was that these weren’t some fringe kooks pushing this Russia-stole-the-election conspiracy theory—it was the mainstream Democrat party line.

Ironically, when Romney said in the 2016 presidential debates, that Russia and China were our greatest geopolitical threats, Obama retorted to laughter, “The 1980s called. They want their foreign policy back.” Four short years later, the left gladly embraced the idea that Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat. Whatever serves the purpose at the moment.

This led to a drumbeat of accusations of treason, some aimed not only at Trump, but anyone who supported him.

Thus we got the Mueller investigation, and more than two years, and tens of millions of dollars spent chasing down what was itself a fraudulent accusation from the beginning: that Trump collided with Russians to steal the 2016 election. It was always a fantasy.

Two years and $30 million is a lot of effort spent to uncover and evaluate an issue, only to turn up no evidence whatsoever. Didn’t matter. Suddenly, everyone holding up Mueller as the nation’s salvation suddenly proclaimed him (and by extension everyone on his team) to be incompetent, and they knew the real truth. Many of them still cling manically to the Russia-collusion myth. That, after all, was the basis for Trump's impeachment. They didn't get what they wanted through Mueller, so they moved forward with impeaching a sitting President for literally no charges at all. Not one supposed charge was included in the articles of impeachment.

This fantasy world has been building for some time, and is a cultural cancer. It’s now reached a crescendo where facts and evidence no longer matter.

The Rot Begins

Political hyperbole and posturing is nothing new, but this trend of broad cultural brainwashing started in earnest after 9-11, when George W. Bush was President and America went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Every credible intelligence agency on earth concluded that Saddam Hussein was likely developing nuclear weapons and at least at one point had chemical weapons. We went in and didn’t find any except for some mustard gas canisters. In what should now be a familiar theme, it didn’t matter. His political detractors asserted that despite all of the intel, Bush knew there was nothing in Iraq, and fabricated the pretext for the war in order to steal Iraq’s oil, hence the chant "No Blood for Oil", which was ludicrous. And of course there were those who said that Bush orchestrated 9-11 itself.

Then Obama was elected and we had a whole new problem—racial tensions began to rise, and some started saying that any opposition to Obama could only be a product of racism. Heralded as a healer of race relations, they only got worse under his administration. Remember, the Ferguson riots, sparked by the lie that Michael Brown was shot in the back by a police officer, were on his watch.

The race-baiting was growing more common. Joe Biden himself (you know, the guy they’re saying is now President-elect) said of Mitt Romney in 2012 that he was going to put black people back in chains.

Then, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, the left unleashed waves of accusations of racism, despite all evidence. When he became President, they piled on with charges that he was also a Nazi and a fascist; again, absent any evidence.

I’ve debunked the most oft-repeated Trump-is-racist lies here, with not one person to date able to refute a single word. People who oppose Trump refuse to even acknowledge it. Yet again evidence that facts long ago ceased to matter. It's not just that they don't know Trump isn't racist--they don't want to know.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels is purported to have said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Boy howdy is that true (ironically). On a hunch, I Googled “Trump racist” and “Ku Klux Klan racist”. The search yielded more than one hundred times as many hits for Trump as for the KKK itself (see pic below), which means people just keep pumping the lie into cyberspace, wittingly or unwittingly. Now it’s simply taken for granted on the left that Trump is a virulent racist, as are his “deplorable” supporters.

I didn't stop there. I also Googled “Trump fascist” and “Mussolini fascist”, and Trump yielded nearly four times more results than Mussolini, the dictator of Fascist Italy who actually coined the term “fascism.”

But again, facts don’t matter. Only the narrative and advancing the agenda matters. This is because in the furtherance of this agenda, the end justifies the means.

The Real Election Fraud: The Media

This isn’t just social media. The legacy media has been pushing this narrative diligently and have been engaged in outright lies and censorship to ensure Trump is defeated. This culminated most dramatically when Facebook and Twitter actually censored a New York Post story critical of Joe Biden’s son Hunter—which hasn’t been refuted—on the disingenuous basis that it “hadn’t been proven.” They let everything run which hasn’t been proven, including the unsubstantiated Atlantic article claiming Trump dissed American soldiers. (Incidentally, the New York Post was founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, and has the fourth highest circulation in the United States).

No matter, Twitter went so far as to ban the New York Post’s entire account, citing its “hacked materials” policy, which it seemed to have conveniently forgotten in the exact same time period when it allowed the New York Times to run with a story about Trump’s tax filing.

The media and popular culture now pick up every new mantra in the propagation of political propaganda, as in this CNN article about the #StopTheSteal movement which uses the word “disinformation” approximately eight million times, but offers zero examples.

2020 Election Fraud

The 2020 elections were fraught with issues. This is indisputable. There’s no question that electoral fraud occurs—on the scale of the United States, some level of fraud is inevitable, and numerous instances have been documented. The question has always been: was it enough to change the outcome of the election? The answer is: we don't know. If we did, we'd address it one way or the other and be done with it.

The angst is because this election went down unlike like every other election of the modern era. If it hadn't, we probably wouldn't have this issue. It went off the rails before a single vote had been cast because gobs of government officials across the country changed their election rules unilaterally, in violation of their own laws and constitutional processes. The biggest concern was prominently over universal mail-in balloting, and the associated issues in traceability. Many government officials, simply by executive or judicial fiat, decreed mass mail-in voting, even though Dr. Anthony Fauci said that there was no reason in-person voting couldn't be done safely with proper precautions. A number of election laws were changed unconstitutionally, most notably Pennsylvania's. Never mind, laws don't matter in a pandemic.

The reality is that there didn’t need to be a massive, centrally-orchestrated conspiracy to change the outcome of the election. Ballots are run, recorded, counted, and reported by individual poll workers. The process is overseen by individual election judges. There are tens of thousands of these individuals across the country.

After so many years of constantly hearing what an evil, dangerous, fascist, racist President we have, and how evil, dangerous, fascist, and racist his supporters are, how many of those election judges and election workers would feel that a little untraceable election fraud would be best for the country? Hell, that it might even their patriotic duty to save America?

Whatever happens with the Presidency, this is the America we're going to live in moving forward. Some on the left are openly talking of actively persecuting--even Purging--those who supported Trump. What, in turn, wouldn't Trump supporters to do protect against such a thing? We need to agree on something fast, and it's ain't "unifying" around Biden after the last four years of rabid division. We must unify around the Constitution and the Rule of Law. If we can adhere to those, then it largely doesn't matter who is President--as it was meant not to in 1787. This, of course, was the entire point of my post yesterday.

If we can't do that, then there is nothing remaining to unite us. At least in the American Civil War there was a nice neat geographic line to separate one side from the other. That doesn't exist in this dynamic, and it's going to be messy. May God have mercy on us.

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