Plano COVID Vaccine Update

See vaccine sign-up information below, and a new FAQ beneath the important links.

Signing Up for the Vaccine

Plano residents are able to sign up for the vaccine waitlist for their respective county, Collin or Denton, as detailed and linked below.

Plano residents on the waitlist will be contacted when vaccines become available and appointments can be scheduled. The City is working with the counties and our neighboring cities to do what we can to make sure that all Plano citizens who want a vaccine can receive one.

The waitlists are designed for residents who meet the Texas Department of State Health Services Phase 1A and Phase 1B categories for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine (links to criteria below).

The vaccine supply is extremely limited, as vaccines are just arriving in Texas, so in addition to registering for the waitlist, people are encouraged to contact their primary health care provider and their local pharmacy to ask about additional vaccine availability. Most private health care providers like pharmacies, hospitals, and physicians are maintaining their own vaccine wait lists. You can find an up-to-date list of vaccine providers on the Texas DSHS website linked below.

Important links:

  • Collin County vaccine wait list:

  • Denton County vaccine wait list:

  • Texas DSHS Phase 1A and 1B categories:

  • Texas DSHS provider map:

  • Plano COVID-19 page:

City of Plano COVID Vaccine Update - January 16, 2021

We know you have many questions about the COVID vaccine process. The statewide rollout is a rapidly changing situation. Beginning today, we will post more frequently to keep you up-to-date with current information.

Here are answers to questions we are receiving.

Who is managing the vaccine distribution for Texas?

The State of Texas is managing the vaccine distribution for Texas through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). More information:

Where are vaccines going?

The vaccine is distributed directly to pharmacies, doctor’s offices, hospitals, health partners and large community vaccination sites.

Is Plano a public vaccination location?

Not at this time. The City of Plano was sent 500 doses with authorization to vaccinate our public safety team members.

Will Plano offer public vaccinations in the future?

The City of Plano has volunteered to be a distribution point for the vaccine and is currently preparing in case the State of Texas decides to use us in this role.

When will providers in our area receive vaccine doses?

The most significant issue facing the entire state right now is the scarcity of vaccine. This article from Sunday, Jan. 10, shows the amount of vaccine being shipped this week in Texas (population 30 million) is 200,000 doses:

Who can receive the vaccine?

Texas’s distribution plan places top priority on direct health care providers and emergency responders (Phase 1A), which is currently underway. Next are citizens aged 65+ and high-risk aged 16+ (Phase 1B). See if you are eligible:

Is Plano working with Collin County to vaccinate residents?

The City of Plano is partnering with Collin County on their waitlist. Sign up for the Collin County waitlist here:

Will Collin County have a vaccine Mega-Center?

In a joint letter sent today to Commissioner John Hellerstedt of Texas' Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the Collin County Commissioners Court and the Collin County legislative delegation appealed to the state to provide additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to Collin County as soon as possible.

The letter states that Collin County and its public/private partners are ready and able to host a mega-center for large scale vaccine distribution available to all Texans starting immediately. The partnering agencies have already secured multiple locations suitable for vaccine mega-centers and have already established a waiting list of over 86,000 citizens seeking the vaccine.

Is there a waitlist for Denton County-based Plano residents?

Yes. Sign up on the Denton County waitlist:

Is the waitlist my only option for getting the vaccine?

No. Due to the scarcity of vaccines available at this time, you are encouraged to contact your primary health care provider and local pharmacy to inquire about additional vaccine availability. These providers represent the preferred distribution method. As vaccines become more available in the coming months, these will be the best places to get a vaccine.

Most private health care providers like pharmacies, hospitals and physicians are maintaining their own vaccine waitlists separate from the Collin County Health Services and Denton County Public Health waitlists. For more information on where the COVID-19 vaccine may be available, visit the Texas Department of Health and Human Services provider map:

We want all of our citizens who want a vaccine to be able to receive one as soon as possible. Please be patient as it will take some time before vaccines are in sufficient supply to reach everyone in groups 1A and 1B and ultimately the general population

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