I Endorse Michael Deffendall for State Republican Executive Committee Man - Senate District 26

We’re losing our liberty more day by day. Reclaiming and preserving it will require not merely having the right principles, not merely saying the right things, but taking effective action. Michael Deffendall has been in the trenches with me, doing all three, for a long time.

Texas has become the key battlefield for the direction of our nation. Do we buckle under the assault of the left, forfeit the Electoral College, and consign America to the inevitable eradication of individual liberty and self-governance? Or do we fight to advance the truth of America and of liberty to reasonable minds, and build the army of liberty-loving patriots which constitutes the silent majority to pull our country away from the brink, and restore the land of freedom and opportunity?

In the current state of the world, it's crucial that we have people who not merely stand for what's right, but who can get the job done. Michael Deffendall fully understands that America was made the greatest country in the history of the world because of the tenets of liberty and self-governance codified in the Constitution. That’s why he’s a leader with the Convention of States, to free the Constitution from more than two centuries of Supreme Court malignancy, and allow the American people the freedom under the Constitution—as written—to pursue happiness and prosperity.

In each of the last two Texas Legislative Sessions, only one truly significant item was passed: in 2017, the Convention of States Resolution, and in 2019, Property Tax Reform and Relief. Michael Deffendall was on the front lines for each of those, and was a significant part of making them happen.

Michael is possessed of a cool, rational mind, which makes him ideal as Texas Legislative Liaison for Convention of States. He always turns over the options and consequences before taking action. When it’s time to take action, he‘s adept at forging the relationships necessary to get the job done—without sacrificing principle.

As SREC Committee Man, Michael will continue, as he does already, to understand the positions and concerns of the Precinct Chairs and activists, and translate that understanding into effective representation on the SREC, maximizing your voice and giving you the greatest impact.

Now is a time for bold, effective leadership, which is why I proudly endorse Michael Deffendall for State Republican Executive Committee Man for Senate District 26, and ask you to join me in supporting him for a strong Texas and a strong America. #TexasLeads

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