Plano City Council - ONWARD

The 2021 Plano elections and runoffs are over. Thank you to all who ran honorable campaigns, and congratulations to the winners below.

Scene from the Disney movie "Onward"

Congratulations to the following election winners:

  • Anthony Ricciardelli - Place 2

  • Kayci Prince - Place 4

  • John Muns - Mayor, Place 6

  • Julie Holmer - Place 7

  • Rick Smith - Place 8

They will join (some will re-join) Maria Tu in Place 1, Rick Grady in Place 3, and myself in Place 5 to partially determine the direction of Plano over the next two years.

I say "partially" because the lion's share of the direction rests with you--We the People, as it was always meant to. To that end, I call upon every citizen of Plano to redouble your attentiveness and engagement in your local government, whether city council, school board, your county commissioner's court, Collin College District, or utility districts. As I always say, if you're not both informed and engaged, you allow government to be something that happens to you.

Since you entrusted me to serve on council two years ago, we've accomplished so many things, many of the most prominent detailed in my article last year, Promises Made, Promises Kept. We've accomplished more since I wrote that, and I'm not about to let off the gas now.

Among the things the new council will have to tackle, is the new Comprehensive Plan which the citizen Comprehensive Plan Review Committee recently passed is now in the hands of Planning & Zoning. Additionally, challenges for law enforcement continue to require our support. Re-stabilizing our economy after the artificially-induced economic crisis, and maintaining our aging infrastructure alike will require dual commitments to prudent fiscal management and responsible taxation and spending. Certainly not least is a community that we must heal from political demagoguery which has grown worse over the past decade, and increasing, unconscionable accusations of racism in one of the greatest areas of opportunity and quality of life for everyone in the entire United States.

As I committed to do two years ago, I pledge again now to work with everyone on council in good faith where our values and positions align. Where they do not align, I will continue to work to find common ground. Likewise, I urge everyone--council and citizen alike--to reject and decry demagoguery, deceit, and spite. I promise you there's plenty we can disagree on from a completely honest basis without the need to invent anything. But we can't agree on anything when we start from a position of blind opposition and slander.

For my part, I'll continue to serve from my heart's fire. Onward...

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