Plano City Council Preview - August 10, 2020 (4:00 PM start)

While the council chambers aren’t yet open for public attendance, the meeting will be livestreamed on and on the City of Plano Facebook page.

If you wish to speak (virtually) at Monday’s council meeting, you may register here by 4:00 PM Monday. Please register ONLY if you wish to speak. You may alternatively share your thoughts by emailing by 4:00 PM Monday.

Executive Session

  • Economic Development opportunity

  • Real Estate: Trails of Glenwood

  • Real Estate: L Avenue

  • Evaluation of Chief Municipal Judge

Preliminary Open Meeting


  • DART Update

  • Comprehensive Plan Review Committee Update (crucial after the repeal of the Plano Tomorrow Plan last week)

  • Comprehensive Monthly Financial Report for June 2020

  • Noise Ordinance Update

  • Municipal Court Prosecutor Report

  • Consideration of 2021 City Council Meeting Dates

  • CARES Act Direct Funding

Regular Meeting


Comments of Public Interest: anyone can sign up to say anything (of interest or concern) for up to 3 minutes (30 minutes total allotted for this section)

Notable Consent Agenda Items

(A total of $1,398,914 in expenses is proposed)

  • Item (b): $851,914 for new restrooms at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (funded by 2017 bond)

  • Item (c): $547,000 for Harrington Library Expansion and Renovation (funded in Community Investment Program)

Items for Individual Consideration

  • Item (1): Beacon Square re-zoning request for 86.2 acres of undeveloped land to reduce planned retail and increase apartments

  • Item (2): Request to re-zone 4.2 acres of agricultural land on Robinson Road, south of Hedgcoxe, to Single-Family Residence 6

  • Item (3): Add a new Residential District category to support Envision Oak Point—“Residential Community Design” to the Zoning Ordinance, containing the following housing types: Single Family, Duplex, Duplex, Townhomes, Manor Homes (multi-unit buildings of 3-6 units per lot), Stacked Townhomes 1-3 stories in height, and Stacked Flats of 1-3 stories in height with up to 9 units per building

  • Item (4): Add a new zoning category to support Envision Oak Point, “Neighborhood Business Design” to allow Mixed-Use development comprised of the following categories: “Mixed-Use Activity Center” (70% residential, most of which is multifamily), “Village” (70% residential with slightly less multifamily), “Neighborhood Edge” (80% residential with Single-Family attached and detached), and “Transit Ready” (only 40% residential, of which 80% is Multifamily, 20% Single-Family attached)

  • Item (5): rezone 50.3 acres at the southwest corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Jupiter for the Plano Event Center development project

  • Item (6): Public Hearing on the FY 2020-21 recommended budget and the FY 2020-21 Community Investment Program (CIP)

  • Item (7): Discussion and Direction regarding proposed Ad Valorem (property) tax rate—we are proposing the No-New-Revenue Tax Rate again this year

  • Item (8): Discussion of proposed FY 2020-21 Community Investment Program (CIP)

Review City Council agendas and minutes here.

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