Plano City Council Preview - December 9, 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Here’s the lineup for tomorrow’s Plano City Council Meeting.

Preliminary Open Meeting

  • Presentation on the Eminent Domain (Condemnation) Acquisition Process (typically easements among the road)

  • Discussion regarding Council appointee evaluations.  This was raised by Council Member Tu last meeting to discuss creating some objective criteria by which the council evaluates its direct appointees: the City Manager, City Attorney, and Municipal Judge

Regular Meeting Presentations

  • The Friends of the Plano Public Library will present a large donation to the Plano Public Library System

  • The Sons of the American Revolution are presenting public service awards and honoring several Plano First Responders

The Plano Planning Department has received several awards from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association Regular Meeting Notable Agenda Items

  • Consideration to modify the existing Downtown Plano Neighborhood Empowerment Zone, which provides exemption from specific fees related to construction and property improvement. It’s meant as an incentive to invest in greater improvements in the Downtown area.  The extension would expand the zone to I-75 to the west, and extend very slightly to specific parcels in other directions

  • This is coupled with a proposed expansion of the Downtown Plano Public Improvement District (PID), which levies additional assessments on properties within the PID which go toward public improvement in that area.  In this manner, properties well outside Downtown Plano aren’t on the hook to pay for the public improvements which benefit Downtown Plano.  However, the expansion of the PID doesn’t align to the expansion of the Neighborhood Investment Zone, since they’re meant for different things, and hence targeted for different properties

  • Review of the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) which details Plano’s use of federal funds provided by HUD.First Reading of a proposed ordinance granting Oncor Electric a Franchise to provide services in public areas of Plano

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