Plano City Council Preview - February 10, 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Executive Session

  • Discussion about the Fair Housing Act

  • Discuss litigation regarding Greg Hatch and Laura Hatch v. the City of Plano

  • Discuss an economic development incentive

Preliminary Open Meeting

  • Comprehensive Monthly Financial Report for December 2019

  • Media Relations Department Report

  • Fair Housing Act Presentation

  • Discussion of the 2021 Bond Referendum Process and Ad Hoc Committee

Regular Meeting (starts at 7:00 pm)


  • Myrtle Hightower will be presented with the Key to the City for her many years of service to the community

  • Director of Engineering Caleb Thornhill has been named the Texas Society of Professional Engineers' 2020 Engineer of the Year

  • The 2019 Plano Management Preparation Program graduates will be recognized

Consent Agenda Items of Note

  • Putting your money where you are: approval of $8.9M on infrastructure, our second-greatest responsibility behind public safety

  • $1.7M for the Legacy Trail Greenbelt trail extension toward which we received a $500k reimbursable grant from Collin County pursuant to the 2012 Collin County Regional Trails Master Plan

  • DON'T PANIC: item (t) is to remove the requirement for an affidavit for city contracts certifying no conflict of interest by an officer or employee of the City for contracts over of $5,000 AND REPLACE it with a requirement that all contracts over $5,000 contain a provision in the contract itself that any such conflict of interest will render the contract voidable. In other words, teeth

Items for Individual Consideration

Item (1): Consideration to allow the Park on 14th development project to apply for a 9% Housing Tax Credit (HTC) from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). This item was discussed and ultimately tabled at the last meeting, and hinged on two things: 1) it was thought they would require a waiver based on Collin County having 1 million+ people, and 2) the project is in competition with Patriot Park Seniors for the HTC through TDHCA. After a robust discussion last meeting, just before the vote was to be taken last meeting, in a surprise turn of events, it was discovered that per the TDHCA official criteria for population, Collin County may not have actually met the 1 million mark. As such, this item was tabled for further research. It is now reported that per the TDHCA data and criteria, Collin County is considered to have a population of 914,075, and therefore would not require a waiver to apply for the HTC. If Park on 14th and Patriot Park Seniors are both granted approval to apply, then they will compete with the TDHCA for the HTC financing

Item (2): This goes hand-in-hand with the item above--a resolution to designate one of the above-mentioned applications as that which contributes to the concerted revitalization efforts of the city more than any other. This was tabled at the last meeting along with the previous item. At the last meeting, the resolution draft for consideration by council was for Park on 14th, though we didn't get to it. However, the new resolution for this meeting leaves the project as a fill-in-the-blank. The two projects were rated against one another using a scoring criteria, which the council agreed needed to be revisited. I did the math at the last meeting, and it broke it down like this:

  • Park on 14th scored 65 of a possible 100 points, and Patriot Park Seniors scored 39

  • A net 13 points for Park on 14th came under category 7: "The applicant has built and leased Housing Tax Credit project(s) within the past 5 years." (meaning they or a development partner built projects utilizing the HTCs of up to 9%; this does not consider how many total projects were built without HTCs, or how successful they were), Park on 14th scored 17 points, while Patriot Park Seniors scored 4 points, for a net of 13 points

  • A net 10 points were awarded to Park on 14th in category 4 for not having an age restriction

  • Between those two categories, Park on 14th was awarded a net of 23 points over Patriot Park Seniors. Adjusting for just these two categories brings the scores to 42 for Park on 14th vs. 39 for Patriot Park Seniors. There are other categories that merit discussion; these were just the two with the greatest impact which I spoke about at the meeting

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