Plano City Council Preview - February 24, 2020

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

New Plano Chief of Police Ed Drain will take his Oath of Office, a presentation on short-term rentals, and $2 million in expenses is on the consent agenda.

Executive Session

  • Economic Development Proposal

  • DART Board of Directors - Interim Member

Preliminary Open Meeting

  • DART Board of Directors - Interim Member

  • Senior Advisory Board - Interim Member and Chair

  • 2019 Citizen Survey Results

  • Annual Chlorine/Water Maintenance Presentation

  • Media Relations Departmental Report

  • Human Resources/Risk Management Departmental Presentation

  • Short Term Rentals Presentation

Regular Meeting

Recognition: Centennial Anniversary of the League of Women Voters

Oath of Office: Ed Drain, Chief of Police

Notable Consent Agenda Items:

  • $595,000 for landscape and irrigation renovation of Russell Steindam Park

  • $189,000 for new furniture for Parr Library

  • $71,000 for EOD Bomb Suits for the Police (not a concern, I just thought this was cool)

  • $343,000 for Engineering Professional Services for the Los Rios Park Trail project

  • $299,000 for Jasmine Lane, Jasmine Court, and Kathy Court paving and waterline reconstruction

  • $345,000 for Engineering Services for Water Rehabilitation for Post Oak & Whiffletree II, III, and IV

  • A resolution to appoint a shared DART board member with Farmer's Branch for the remainder of Lissa Smith's unexpired term

Items for Individual Consideration:

  • Tabling of the JC Penney Development proposal

  • Consideration of an Ordinance to provide certain Heritage Resources within the City ad valorem tax relief as allowed by the Heritage Tax Exemption Program Ordinance

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