Plano City Council Recap - March 22, 2021

It was great to see people back in the council chamber!

Preliminary Open Meeting

  • Election Update with Collin County Elections Administrator, Bruce Sherbet

  • 2020 Business Survey Presentation

  • Presentation of the FY2020-21 Status Report and Three-Year Financial Forecast

  • Plano Housing Authority Overview by Earnest Burke (which bled into Item 1 of the...)

Regular Meeting

  • Appointment of Paula Boudreaux to the Senior Advisory Board

  • Application for Resolution of No Objection for a 4% Housing Tax Credit for the proposed "Affordable Housing" multifamily complex at K Avenue and Park Boulevard

  • Amendment to the 2019-2020 Action Plan for the use of Federal HUD Grants

  • Resolution to apply for the funds allocated above

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