Shelby Williams - Update #2 on COVID-19, Coronavirus

Updated: Feb 10

I'm excited to share that within the next few days, I anticipate making available, nationwide, a free Community-Pandemic-Response-Team-In-a-Box, made possible with tools and advice from VOMO, Microsoft, and Catholic Charities USA.

With the free technology tools made available by VOMO and Microsoft, and a quick-start how-to guide for organizing volunteers at a micro-level, this will greatly enhance the efforts of the countless people self-organizing to help those in their community. These folks haven't necessarily all had the technology or experience to most effectively do so, but they darn sure have the will!

Hat tips to Noah Skocilich for sparking the idea, and to he and Mark Peterman for their help in this!

Other notable updates are as follows:

  1. Here is Plano’s COVID-19 page, updated constantly:

  2. Read the executive order issued yesterday by Collin County Judge Chris Hill, which is a variant of shelter-in-place:

  3. It should come as no surprise that in-person council meetings are suspended indefinitely. The Plano City Council is testing technology to enable us to conduct virtual, public, council meetings starting next Monday, March 30.

Please support our local restaurants and small businesses. #ComeAndTakeOut

Lastly, please don’t hoard. Supply lines and manufacturing capabilities are intact. The shelves are only empty because everyone bought everything all at once, and the distribution system is designed for steady consumption. Supplies are being replenished as we speak, and items such as hand sanitizer, which now have a far greater demand than ever before, are being produced in quantities never before seen.

So in the immortal words of Douglas Adams:


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