The Battle for the Lone Star State

The stakes for Texas haven't been as high as they are now since the Battle of San Jacinto.

Why did Texas fight in the Texas Revolution 184 years ago? Why did the colonists fight in the American Revolution half a century before that? The answer to both: for freedom and self-governance.

When this year started, the stakes were already high, with redistricting on the plate in the next legislative session, but now, with the world turned completely upside down, statists across the nation smell blood in the water, and have doubled down on abolishing everything America and Texas stand for (the police are only the tip of the iceberg), and are singularly focused on conquering Texas in the 2020 election.

Everyone knows by now that last year, long before the Coronavirus pandemic or civil unrest, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that Texas is "ground zero" for the 2020 elections. The last estimates I heard are that more than half a billion dollars of outside money are being piped in to turn Texas blue. Why? Because with 38 electoral votes at stake, if they can take Texas, no Republican can win the Presidency again.

That means Texas is ground zero for Republicans as well. That means everything hinges on winning enough Republican seats (real Republican seats) in the Texas House of Representatives this November. That means the Republican Party of Texas must be a well-oiled, seat-winning machine, and Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey already has that machine humming.

Chairman Dickey took careful and critical measure of the results of the 2018 elections, and rather than doubling down on "the way we've always done things," he reinvented and reinvigorated the state party, working strategically to win crucial special elections, and shattering party fundraising records. That's the machine it's going to take in November 2020, and it's imperative, which is why I've endorsed James Dickey for re-election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas at the State Convention in Houston in June. If you're a delegate, you can vote, and every vote counts.

If we fail, it will start next year with the gerrymandering of the Texas state and congressional districts to hold the Texas House of Representatives, and gain seats in the U.S. House. They decry gerrymandering during campaign season, but never seem to have an issue with it when they're the ones drawing the district lines. The next President they elect will then do exactly what the last one did: issue numerous executive orders of the sort the President doesn't have the Constitutional power to make, and nominate Supreme Court Justices who legislate from the bench, and cleave to an ideology antithetical to liberty and individual sovereignty.

Last year I said that if that if they managed to flip Texas, the America we know would be undone within a generation. But based on the last few months, they've stepped up their timetable, and now I doubt if it would take a decade.

In November 2018, Republicans in Collin County and many other parts of Texas were patting ourselves on the back for keeping Texas Red, but the truth is that we pulled out of that election by the skin of our teeth, and we were only up against the scouting party, led by Captain Beto. In 2020, we're up against the full army--and all of its money.

It doesn't end with the Chairman or the state party, though. To save Texas, and the promise of America, we each have to step up our game as well, and neither just showing up to vote, nor even being active with a decades-old playbook in this new world, is going to cut it. Our battle is for the votes of the countless Texans and Americans who truly believe in liberty, but are drowning in misinformation and propaganda. Just one person can't reach them all, let alone open their eyes and their minds. The Chairman can give us the machine and tools, but we're the warriors, and we have no choice but to take the field.

With that resolve, coming together as a grassroots army of liberty-loving patriots, we can say loud and proud to those who seek to conquer Texas, and with it America: Come And Take It.

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