The Burden of Proof - the Race for Judge of the 380th District Court

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Things are heating up in the Republican Primary race for Judge of the 380th District Court, and allegations are being made on both sides. Whom to believe? Follow the body of evidence.

To preface this, it's no secret that I've endorsed Melvin Thathiah for Judge of the 380th District Court in Collin County because I have every faith that he'll act with the utmost integrity, manage an extremely efficient court, take the tough cases head-on, and make the tough decisions, beholden only to the rule of law and the Constitutions of the United States and Texas. I vetted Melvin thoroughly before offering my endorsement, and I told him outright at the beginning that if I were to endorse him, it would be a pro-Melvin endorsement, not an endorsement against his opponent.

A couple of weeks ago, Melvin's campaign released a video citing an actual Dallas Morning News article from 2017 regarding a particular case in which Melvin's opponent gave what was considered to be a very light sentence to an illegal immigrant who killed a man and his children when he fell asleep at the wheel. The video cited the factual basis of the case, and showed footage of the article. All factual. It then went on to discuss Melvin's philosophy of the responsibility to apply the law. You're welcome to watch the video, linked above and see for yourself.

A couple of days later, in answer, his opponent's campaign released a video from supposed "Collin County Conservatives" (I didn't recognize any of them... just sayin') titled "Just stop, Melvin." In the video, nobody actually says any actual things. They just call Melvin dishonest, and accuse him of "slinging mud" and being "negative." No actual accusations of anything at all. No substance. Like, really, zip, zero, nada, zilch. This struck me so much that I devoted a whole video segment to it when I sat down with Lauriston Crockett last week. It was eerily reminiscent of "Orange Man Bad," and my message in the video was simply: back whomever you like, but demand substance.

Then a couple of days ago, his opponent released a campaign email with several allegations of collusion (COLLUSION!) with the Democratic candidate for the 380th District Court, and claiming audio evidence was obtained by someone who recorded one of Melvin's campaign meetings. But the audio evidence wasn't actually linked in the email. This was a slight improvement, however, because at least this time, his opponent actually alleged something! But still no substance.

I'm sensing a theme...

Fast forward to last night, when his opponent released another email with an actual quote from the meeting! "If you really want to have a chance to win as a Democrat in November, you better put him (Melvin Thathiah) in November … you’ve got a better chance against him.” He also released the audio! Well, 40 seconds of it anyway, which included a lot of laughter from whomever was at the meeting, which doesn't quite match the narrative that this was collusion (COLLUSION!) with the Democratic candidate. Yet again, this falls far short of providing any actual substance to back up allegations.

In the legal world, this is called "the burden of proof" and is an actual thing. A judge should be acquainted with this concept.

This seems familiar. Where have we heard all this? Oh yeah... Adam Schiff made up an entire phone conversation with President Trump with the President of Ukraine as the basis for an Impeachment.

So, if we're going to play this game, I call on Melvin's opponent to release the ENTIRE UNEDITED audio recording so that the jury (in this case, the voters) can hear the evidence for themselves, rather than simply taking the prosecutor's word that he's seen the evidence, and oh yeah, it's way bad.

If you want to bring it to court, you've got to have a case. That requires evidence. The voters expect this from a judge more than from any other elected office.

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